Don't let mental struggles become your life’s burden and identity

OUR PRACTICE | John Florian Riedler, M.D.

Dr. Riedler is the senior practitioner at Virginia Behavioral Medicine. In his thirty-two years of experience, he has treated patients of every background, from impoverished and abused children to celebrities and well-known public figures. Dr. Riedler has evaluated high-profile violent criminals for the courts and cared for victims of traumatic stress.

During his long career in psychiatric medicine, Dr. Riedler has been in private practice, worked at the national level in managed health care, and started regional mental health networks and hospital-based programs.

At VBM, Dr. Riedler is focusing his attention on integrating the neuroscience of mental health care with the scientific treatment of general health care problems, the neuroanalytical approach to behavioral health treatment. Patients are invited to participate in the medical and psychological treatment of their mental, behavioral or addiction problem.

Board Certified by the ABNP and ASAM, and re-certified by the ABAP, Dr. Riedler practices child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry as well as addiction medicine.

Dr. Riedler maintains blogs on mental health and well-being at SeeReasonAct and ADHDtoZen.

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